• Abuse Of Antidepressants And How To Avoid

    There are certain medicines which one can procure only with prescription from a doctor. These medicines have their own set of side effects and risks which can be very dangerous. In-fact an overdose of some of these medicines can result is serious effects which can be fatal.

    Antidepressants or the Medicine For Depression is used to combat depression. These medicines help by acting on the neurotransmitters. The medicines like Deprotal N are normally safe and do not cause any addiction. However there are some Antidepressant Pills which are not safe from abuse. Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) are these type of Antidepressants. In the 70’s there was a ban on these medicines. But now they are used in the treatment of panic attacks, eating disorder etc.

    The other antidepressant which is prescribed is serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). These drugs are not as effective as MAOI but they are found to be safe from abuse. There are other drugs which are useful in the treatment of anxiety and mood swings etc. These are drugs which are useful as antidepressants but there are problems associated with these drugs.

    As far as opinion of doctors is concerned with regards to antidepressants there is mixed opinion. There are some doctors who are in favour of antidepressants while there are some who do not favour these medicines. There have been cases of addiction and this is the main reason that many people as well as doctors feel that these antidepressants are substances of abuse. When one stops antidepressants, they may experience withdrawal symptoms. One must remember that this is not abuse or dependence on the drug.

    The new antidepressants like Deprotal N that are available these days are found to be more effective than the earlier drugs, they are cost effective, helpful in treating different disorders and reduce the chances of relapse of depression. The best thing about Deprotal N  is that it is natural and does not have any side effects. One must remember that antidepressants have to be stopped slowly and need medical guidance. You can get Deprotal N Antidepressant Pills Online . You can get in touch with Doctor Bhargava to Buy Antidepressants Pills Online. You can be sure that you will get the best advice.

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