• All You Need To Know About Antidepressants

    There are many misconceptions about antidepressants. Some people feel that this Medicine For Depression helps to induce feelings of happiness. Some even feel that they make you forget your sorrow and losses. But these are not some magic pills and they actually work in a particular way.

    These Antidepressant Pills are a means of actually avoiding from going into further depression. They will help in inducing sleep and can generate an overall feeling of well being but these pills by no means makes you forget your sorrows and causes of unhappiness.

    There are basically two chemicals in our brain. These are serotonin and norepinephrine. These help in the transmission of impulses in our brain. In case a person is suffering from depression both these chemicals get used up at a faster rate. These antidepressant medicines help in maintaining a balance of these chemicals and the person feels better and much livelier.

    There are different types of antidepressants. Earlier tricycles  were used but they took a long time to show their effect. It is also very easy to take an overdose of these compounds. They are not advisable for people with cardiovascular disease.

    Some people are given antidepressants like Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (ie. MAOIs). But these drugs also have side effects. One of the worst side effects is that of they are consumed with a compound which contains tyramine then the person may suffer from stroke. Drugs like lithium are useful for bipolar disorder and other conditions. But once a person is put on Lithium he will have to take it for life. These days it is possible to Buy Antidepressant Pills Online.

    Always talk to a doctor before you opt for antidepressant pills online. It is safe to use drugs like Deprotal N which has a relaxing effect and does not have side effects. This drug does not result in weight gain and it is so safe that it is available as over the counter medicine. Get in touch with Doctor Bhargava for more details.

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